Ordering a company car

If you consider getting a new car, choosing a company car is a really good solution. A company car is a worry-free solution that allows you to drive around in a new car without any unforeseen costs. Read below how to order a new company car.

How to order your company car

1. Familiarize yourself with your company's car policy

Start by contacting the person in your company who is responsible for your company cars in order to hear more about your car policy. The car policy sets the framework for which makes and models you have the opportunity to lease as a company car.

2. Receive guidance from NF Fleet

Then, contact your company's NF Fleet contact person for guidance and recommendations on car models and best buy.

3. Test drive selected cars

Once you have selected some models that might suit you, it is a good idea to test drive these at the car dealers that NF Fleet collaborates with.

4. Get quotes

After the test drives, you are ready to continue the dialogue with your NF Fleet contact person who can send you 2-3 specific offers on the company cars you are interested in.

5. Order the car

Once you have looked at the submitted offers and have decided which company car you want to lease, contact your NF Fleet contact person again or send a request form. We will subsequently prepare a contract based on your wishes.

6. Sign contract

Once you have signed the contract, it is returned to NF Fleet, who orders the car from a dealer designated by NF Fleet.

7. The last matters fall into place

After ordering, the dealer will contact you to agree on delivery and for a confirmation of the configuration of the ordered car.

8. Delivery of the car

The dealer subsequently delivers the car at the agreed time and goes over the most important features with you.

9. Download My NF Fleet

To make your daily life as a driver of an NF Fleet company car easier, we recommend that you download the app My NF Fleet

10. Daily operation of the company car

If you need help with your leasing car or leasing agreement during the lease term, you are always welcome to contact your NF Fleet team. We will make sure to send you a reminder when it's time for an MOT test and service of your car or when it's time to start thinking about finding a new leasing car. 

Until then, please find more information about the company car in everyday life here.

NF Fleet's best advice for test drives

  • Travel mate: Test drive the car with the people you will share the car with. For example, your partner or your family. Is it comfortable for the whole family to drive long distances in the car?
  • Space: Is the front seat comfortable for you? Do you as a driver have a good visibility in all directions as well as when reversing and parking? And is there enough legroom in the back seat? It is also a good idea to ensure that the car has enough space for pets, hobbies and everyday life
  • Engine type: Before booking your test drive, it is a good idea to first consider which engine type suits your driving needs and your company's car policy best. Is it a plug-in hydrid, petrol or electric car?
  • Driving experience: If you enjoy driving or if you spend many hours behind the wheel, you should also keep the driving experience in mind. It can be a real pleasure to drive a car if the car meets your needs