We will find the perfect van solution for you, regardless of whether you are a sales representative or craftsman with a need for specially designed vans. We offer all car brands that supply vans, so we can always meet your preferences.

Complete and fully operational solution

Our van solution is all inclusive, and we help with everything so that the van can hit the streets immediately when it is delivered. This means that we deliver your van completely ready for use with both layout and foiling that exactly fits your needs. Read more below.

If you would like your van decorated or foiled, you are more than welcome to contact us at or +45 88 44 40 00. We will manage all of it for you.

Layout of the van

If your van is to be used for something other than delivering goods, you will most likely need a unique layout solution that supports your work and helps you in your everyday life. We will guide you to the right solution and make sure to mount the special device so that the car is complete and ready for use upon delivery.

We work closely with Sortimo, who is one of the leading suppliers of special equipment for cars on the market. At Sortimo, it is either possible to customize the interior of your van or choose standardized interior for different functions such as electrician, plumbing and ventilation, carpenter, cabinet maker and service and montage. Sortimo has put together the standardized solutions based on many years of experience and knows what the individual job functions need.

Foiling of the van

The van is an important part of the company's branding - and here foiling plays an essential role. When the van is nicely decorated, it sends a professional signal and ensures that the car is noticed. We help you with the design and application of foil on your car.

We work with carefully selected suppliers on the foil for your van. Whether you just want the logo and phone number on or you want the car fully foiled, we can do it for you. Full foiling is a great advantage, because it protects the car's paint from, for example, bird droppings and has a long durability.

Remember that the car as a minimum must have a CVR number and company name on it. Read more at