NF Fleet collaborates with the two leading charging point providers in Denmark. This way, we can offer the most optimum charging solution, advice, and support in connection with the choice of charging provider and subsequent administration.

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Partnerships with E.ON and Clever

The charging network in Denmark is constantly improving, and the number of charging points is continuously increasing. E.ON and Clever are the two major players in the Nordic market when it comes to charging infrastructure for electric cars. Both companies offer a selection of charging boxes, and their charging networks cover all of Denmark and more.  

This is why NF Fleet has entered into partnerships with both E.ON and Clever, so that we can offer you the best advice and support when it comes to charging infrastructure.

Both E.ON and Clever offer charging subscriptions at a fixed monthly price. We help you find the most suiting charging provider for your fleet – whether that means choosing one provider or combining the two. 

NF Fleet manages the entire administration

Once the decision on green company cars has been made and charging stations have been installed in homes and at the workplace, we take care of the entire administration of the charging subscriptions.

All costs will be re-invoiced to your company, so the subscription will be added to the lease payment and everything will be gathered on one bill.

When you recharge your car at home, you will be refunded for your electricity consumption by your charging point provider. If needed, we will also take care of the dialogue between you and your charging point provider.

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How can NF Fleet help you when it comes to charging solutions?

Choice of solution

We provide support for you when choosing a charging solution, including charging boxes and their location.


We help you install your charging network – both in the homes and at the workplace.


We manage the entire administration of the charging subscriptions during the lease term.