Our consultancy on green cars is based on what we know is important to you: economy and happy employees. Our advice is based on an analysis of the company and the employees while focusing on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), providing you with the full overview to base your decisions on.

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Here is how we find the best green solution for your fleet:

How to choose your green company car?

With the new car taxations, it has never been more economically attractive to drive sustainably. The taxation of electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars has been lowered as a result of the Government favoring these types of cars. Making the choice to go for a green company car is easy, but whether to choose an electric one or a plug-in hybrid and exactly which model can be tricky, and it all depends on your company's car policy, but also on your needs, driving pattern, and preferences.

A pure electric car is the greenest choice, because it does not emit any CO2 while driving. Besides this advantage, you also get green financing when leasing your electric car at NF Fleet. Read more here.

A plug-in hybrid vehicle is only recommended if it fits your driving pattern and if you have charging options at home or by the office. This is because plug-in hybrids are only economical and green if they are charged frequently and if you drive on pure electricity as often as possible. Read more about plug-in hybrids in the fleet here.

At NF Fleet, we offer personal and customized car guidance. You are always welcome to contact us. We will help you find the perfect green company car for you.

Is your company ready for the green transition?

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