Key Account Team

As a customer of NF Fleet, you are assigned your own Key Account Team, who knows your company, your car policy and every single car in your fleet. A Key Account Manager, a Car Advisor and a Service Account Manager make sure your everyday life with a company car is easy and worry-free.

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Key Account Manager

Your Key Account Manager is responsible for the day-to-day cooperation between NF Fleet and your company. This applies to everything regarding, among other things, the basis for contract, the common strategy, the coordination of your car policy and acquisitions of company cars. In addition, the Key Account Manager ensures that the operation of your fleet is always fully optimized through in-depth analyzes.

Car Advisor

Your Car Advisor is responsible for the daily dialogue with the users of the company cars, prepares offers, follows up on expiry of contracts, analyzes upcoming acquisitions, compares products, and updates the company's car policy if necessary. Your Car Advisor is always fully updated on the latest trends and car news on the market and gives you competent advice on cars based on the principle of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Service Account Manager

Your Service Account Manager handles all inquiries and questions regarding your fleet. This goes for for example:

  • Deviation reports
  • Generation of fleet reports
  • Account of mileage and general expenditure
  • Settlement of taxes and fees
  • Administration of fuel cards
  • Questions of a technical or insurance nature
  • Analysis of user satisfaction
  • Urgent tasks regarding operation of the cars