Driving abroad

If you are going on a trip abroad on holiday or on a business trip, it is a good idea to research well in advance what you need to remember of documents, rules, and other things before departure. We have put together a checklist below and made it easy for you.

Checklist for driving abroad

Before going abroad with your car during the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend that you first and foremost check the travel advise for your countries of interest from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Danish). Furthermore, we recommend that you take all the necessary precautions and follow all instructions from the local authorities in the countries you drive through or in.

Moreover, if you are planning on going abroad with your car, always remember to bring the following documents:

  • Part 1 of your registration certificate
  • Red card
  • Green card

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Vehicle Registration Certificate

If you are going to drive abroad, you must remember to bring Part 1 of the original vehicle registration certificate. This documents the vehicle's registration to foreign authorities. You can order Part 1 of the vehicle registration certificate via My NF Fleet. However, please note that there may be up to three weeks’ wait for the issuance of a new vehicle registration certificate from SKAT in the high season.

If you are going abroad before you have received the vehicle registration certificate, you can apply for a time-limited vehicle registration certificate, which allows you to use the car for driving abroad before you receive the original vehicle registration certificate. You order a time-limited vehicle registration certificate by contacting NF Fleet to request a power of attorney for your application. Subsequently, you must appear in person at a tax center with the power of attorney as well as an ID showing your employment relationship. The tax center will subsequently hand over the time-limited vehicle registration certificate, which costs DKK 100.

Remember not to leave the vehicle registration certificate in the car.

Red Card

The Red Card must also always be brought when driving abroad and has no expiration date. The card documents that your car has comprehensive insurance and provides, among other things, right to roadside assistance, provision of spare parts, salvage and starting aid. In the event of more serious problems, the card gives the right to payment for unforeseen hotel stays, etc. The full coverage can be seen on SOS International’s app or website . The card also contains information about the emergency service SOS International A / S, which can be contacted 24 hours a day in the event of an accident or breakdown.

You can make do with bringing the Red Card digitally by downloading SOS International’s app  or you can print it from SOS International’s website.

When do you not need to contact SOS abroad?
  • If you get a glass damage, you must contact Carglass on tel. +45 43 22 99 95, who will take care of the further process
  • If it is a matter of a minor damage that can be repaired within one working day, e.g. puncture, starting problems or towing, you must contact Falck Roadside Assistance on tel. +45 80 24 00 00
  • In the case of a minor repair, where you expend the cost yourself, remember to save the receipt. When you return home from abroad, you must send the receipt to the insurance department in NF Fleet at forsikring.dk@nffleet.com with a short explanation

Green Card

A green card is an identification towards the authorities of other countries and proof that the car's liability insurance is paid for and covers in accordance with the legislation of that country.

You do not have to bring the green card in EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Andorra and Serbia. In these countries, your Danish number plate is proof enough that your car has liability insurance. However, there are still countries outside the EU where you have to bring the green card. See the list of these countries here. If you are insured through NF Fleet and have to drive to one of the countries on the list, you can contact us on tel. +45 88 44 40 00 or forsikring.dk@nffleet.com. We will subsequently send you the green card as soon as possible. If the car is insured through another insurance company, you have to contact this instead.

Once the green card has been sent to you, it is valid for one year. You have to remember to renew it yourself, if you need to use it again after a year.

Glass damage in Europe? Use Carglass Europe Service

Use Carglass Europe Service for fast and efficient assistance if critical glass damage occurs in Europe, e.g. a smashed side window due to a break-in. Less critical damages, e.g. stone chips, will be repaired by Carglass in Denmark when you return from your trip abroad.

Advantages of Carglass Europe Service:

  • If you have got a glass damage abroad, you can contact Carglass in Denmark directly on +45 43 22 99 95 and explain what has happened
  • Carglass makes sure that a sister company abroad fixes your car so that you can continue driving. Thus, you do not have to go out and look for a workshop
  • The quality is top notch and is covered by the Carglass companies' international guarantee
  • Settlement is made at the same prices as if the damage had occurred in Denmark
  • You do not have to pay cash at the holiday destination and thus use the holiday currency


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Claims abroad

The joint European claim form is available today online via an app that simplifies and speeds up the completion of a claim form. It can be a great help in cases, where one is involved in road accidents abroad. Read more and download the app here.

Eco-sticker obligation for environmental zones in Europe

A number of cities in Europe can issue driving bans in environmental zones, if the car is not supplied with a special eco-sticker. At FDM you can read more and order the stickers electronically, if you need it.

Requirements to equipment when driving in Europe

A trip through Europe can raise many questions about equipment for the car, because the legislation differs from country to country. We refer to FDM to give you the full overview of what equipment is required by law in the country or countries you have to travel through.

Read more here.

Rules for the use of winter tires, studded tires, snow chains etc. abroad

There are countries in Europe where it is required to drive with winter tires for a given period. If you often drive abroad, or face the annual self-drive ski holiday in Europe, we recommend that you read more about the rules for winter tires, studded tires, snow chains etc. at FDM.