NF Fleet Corporate Leasing

With NF Fleet corporate leasing, you get expertise, advice and support throughout the leasing process, from the choice of company car to the daily operation of the company car. Below you can read more about the many advantages of commercial leasing.

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Corporate leasing is the leasing of company cars for a specified period with an agreed number of kilometers for a fixed monthly fee. By choosing NF Fleet as your leasing partner, you are well on your way to an easy and clear way to have a car. You get advice, overview, a fixed monthly fee, access to various additional services, favorable savings and a wide range of other advantages. At the same time, we make sure to meet your and your company's requirements and wishes within, among other things, economy, mobility and environment, so that we ensure total satisfaction throughout.


Advantages of corporate leasing with NF Fleet:

  • Access to the digital mobility assistant My NF Fleet
  • ServiceLink - free pickup / delivery system in case of regular service (some geographical areas are currently not covered by the service)
  • Access to leasing of the market's leading car brands and models
  • Full service and maintenance of the leasing car
  • Petrol and diesel cards with significant discounts
  • Advantageous charging subscriptions on electric cars
  • Insurance scheme with attractive premiums
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Competent and customized car advice
  • Guidance on taxation of company cars
  • Leasing at a fixed and competitive price
  • You know your car expenses throughout the leasing period
  • Easy administration - we invoice all services bundled
  • No risk on the car's depreciation, interest and service costs
  • VAT deduction on the leasing fee: 100% on vans and right to deduct on passenger cars
  • Summer and winter tires can be included in the agreement
  • We take care of the car’s decor, installation of equipment and mounting of logo