Green financing of electric cars

The financing behind all leasing contracts for 100 % electrically powered cars is based on green bonds issued by Nordea Green Bond Framework. Prepare your company for a more sustainable future with a green leasing contract.*

Green leasing with green financing

When leasing a 100 % electricity driven car at NF Fleet, your company's fleet profile becomes even greener. The financing behind these leasing contracts is based on green bonds earmarked for loans for environmental purposes. The bonds are issued by Nordea under Nordea Green Bond Framework and verified by the independent control unit ISS ESG. Moreover, Nordea Green Bond Framework is based on the internationally acknowledged guidelines; ICMA Green Bond Principles.

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NF Fleet Electric

Green financing is a sub-product of NF Fleet Electric where we also offer advice on electric cars, charging subscriptions, and charging networks, as well as help in terms ordering of electric cars with green financing.

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How do you get hold of a leasing contract with green financing?

If you already have an existing leasing agreement with NF Fleet for a car that drives on 100 % electricity, the contract will automatically be converted to green financing without you having to do anything. This does not result in any financial changes for you or your company, and the leasing expenses will remain the same. However, this has a great impact on the company's green transition, as the green fleet profile has now been accelerated. 

If you wish to lease a new 100 % electrically powered car with NF Fleet, the leasing contract is also automatically based on green bonds. This way, green financing is always part of the deal when your company leases a car that drives on pure electricity.

If you wish to hear more or order an electric car, you are more than welcome to contact our skilled advisors at or +45 88 44 40 00.

*Green car leasing is market funding based on green bonds issued by Nordea. Green bonds differ from ordinary bonds as they are earmarked for environmental purposes only. The process of green car leasing for electric cars has been given the seal of approval by independent experts. Furthermore, the financing is compatible with Nordea's own rules, i.e. Nordea Green Bond Framework, which is based on ICMA Green Bond Principles (ICMA = The International Capital Market Association).