Roadside assistance

If you have Falck coverage in addition to your leasing contract, you can get 24-hour roadside assistance whenever you need it.

Falck subscription with NF Fleet

With the Falck subscription with NF Fleet, you get the coverage "CAR PLUS". This includes assistance in the event of a stoppage or accident that prevents continued unaided driving.

The assistance includes:

  • Repair of damage on site
  • Towing to a workshop or other destination in Denmark
  • Salvage or hauling of the vehicle
  • Starting aid
  • Wheel change
  • Delivery of fuel and spare parts
  • Assistance for reloading goods in connection with stoppage
  • Replacement car at favorable NF Fleet prices

Falck is responsible for coordinating your roadside assistance. This way, it is ensured that the right service partner reaches you. Some cars have built-in roadside assistance during the warranty period, in which case Falck will arrange for any forwarding to another service partner.

In the event of an accident in Denmark

If you need roadside assistance and you have a Falck subscription with NF Fleet, you have to call Falck on +45 80 24 40 00 and provide your registration number.

In the event of an accident abroad

Should mechanical problems or damage covered by the car's comprehensive insurance occur while driving abroad, you have to contact SOS International on +45 70 10 50 50.

Read more on driving abroad here

Are you in doubt about whether you have a Falck subscription through NF Fleet?

If you want to check if Falck cover is part of your leasing contract, you can find the information under "Your car" onĀ My NF Fleet.